26 Remote execution with PEcAn

Remote execution allows the user to leverage the power and storage of high performance computing clusters, AWS instances, or specially configured virtual machines, but without leaving their local working environment. PEcAn uses remote execution primarily to run ecosystem models.

The infrastructure for remote execution lives in the PEcAn.remote package (base/remote in the PEcAn repository).

This section describes the following:

  1. Checking capabilities to connect to the remote machine correctly:
  • Basics of command line SSH
  • SSH authentication with keys and passwords
  • Basics of SSH tunnels, and how they are used in PEcAn
  1. Description of PEcAn related tools that control remote execution
  • Basic remote execution R functions in PEcAn.remote
  1. SETUP- Configuration Files and settings
  • Remote model execution configuration in the pecan.xml and config.php
  • Additional information about preparing remote servers for execution