13 PEcAn Models

This section will contain information about all models and output variables that are supported by PEcAn.

Model Name Available in the VM Prescribed Inputs Input Functions/Values Restart Function
BioCro Yes Yes Yes No
CLM No No No No
DALEC Yes Yes Yes No
ED2 Yes Yes Yes Yes
GDAY No No No No
LINKAGES Yes Yes Yes Yes
MAESPA Yes Yes No No
PRELES Yes Yes Partially No
SiPNET Yes Yes Yes Yes
STICS Yes Yes No No

Available in the VM - Denotes if a model is publicly available with PEcAn.

Prescribed Inputs - Denotes whether or not PEcAn can prescribe inputs.

Input Functions/Values - Denotes whether or not PEcAn has functions to fully produce a model’s Input values.

Restart Function - Denotes status of model data assimilation capabilities.

Output Variables

PEcAn converts all model outputs to a single Output Standards. This standard evolved out of MsTMIP project, which is itself based on NACP, LBA, and other model-intercomparison projects. This standard was expanded for the PalEON MIP and the needs of the PEcAn modeling community to support variables not in these standards.

Model developers: do not add variables to your PEcAn output without first adding them to the PEcAn standard table! Also, do not create new variables equivalent to existing variables but just with different names or units.