26.5 Basic remote execute functions

The PEcAn.remote::remote.execute.cmd function runs a system command on a remote server (or on the local server, if host$name == "localhost").

x <- PEcAn.remote::remote.execute.cmd(host = my_host, cmd = "echo", args = "Hello world")

Note that remote.execute.cmd is similar to base R’s system2, in that the base command (in this case, echo) is passed separately from its arguments ("Hello world"). Note also that the output of the remote command is returned as a character.

For R code, there is a special wrapper around remote.execute.cmdPEcAn.remote::remote.execute.R, which runs R code (passed as a string) on a remote and returns the output.

code <- "
    x <- 2:4
    y <- 3:1
    x ^ y
out <- PEcAn.remote::remote.execute.R(code = code, host = my_host)

For additional functions related to remote file operations and other stuff, see the PEcAn.remote package documentation.