14.11 SiPNET

Model Information
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PEcAn Integration Michael Dietze, Rob Kooper


Introduction about model

PEcAn configuration file additions

Should list the model specific additions to the PEcAn file here

Model specific input files

List of inputs required by model, such as met, etc.

Model configuration files

SIPNET is configured using 3 files which are placed in the run folder, as well as a symbolic link to the met file.

  • sipnet.in : template for this file is located at models/sipnet/inst/sipnet.in and is not modified.
  • sipnet.param-spatial : template for this file is located at models/sipnet/inst/template.param-spatial and is not modified.
  • sipnet.param : template for this file is in models/sipnet/inst/template.param or it is specified in the <model> section as <default.param>. The values in this template are replaced by those computed in the earlier stages of PEcAN.

Installation notes

This section contains notes on how to compile the model. The notes for the VM might work on other machines or configurations as well.

SIPNET version unk:

if [ ! -e ${HOME}/sipnet_unk ]; then
  curl -o sipnet_unk.tar.gz http://isda.ncsa.illinois.edu/~kooper/PEcAn/models/sipnet_unk.tar.gz
  tar zxf sipnet_unk.tar.gz
  rm sipnet_unk.tar.gz
cd ${HOME}/sipnet_unk/
make clean
sudo cp sipnet /usr/local/bin/sipnet.runk
make clean

SIPNET version 136:

if [ ! -e ${HOME}/sipnet_r136 ]; then
  curl -o sipnet_r136.tar.gz http://isda.ncsa.illinois.edu/~kooper/EBI/sipnet_r136.tar.gz
  tar zxf sipnet_r136.tar.gz
  rm sipnet_r136.tar.gz
  sed -i 's#$(LD) $(LIBLINKS) \(.*\)#$(LD) \1 $(LIBLINKS)#' ${HOME}/sipnet_r136/Makefile
cd ${HOME}/sipnet_r136/
make clean
sudo cp sipnet /usr/local/bin/sipnet.r136
make clean