4.3 Installation From r-universe

PEcAn.all and all it’s dependencies can be installed from r-universe with the following code:

# Enable repository from pecanproject
options(repos = c(
  pecanproject = 'https://pecanproject.r-universe.dev',
  CRAN = 'https://cloud.r-project.org'))
# Download and install PEcAn.all in R

If you are planning on working on PEcAn development with a local install, consider adding the above options() to a project-level .Rprofile as well. For example, by using usethis::edit_r_profile("project"). This will allow devtools to install dependencies from r-universe, for example devtools::install_deps("models/ed") should work when “https://pecanproject.r-universe.dev” is set as a repo.

NOTE: functionality of a local install will be limited without a connection to a BETYdb instance. Instructions to install BETY.