3 About the PEcAn Book

This book serves as documentation for the PEcAn Project. It contains descriptions of topics necessary to inform a beginner and advanced user as well as requisite materials for developers. It does not contain low-level descriptions of functions within PEcAn. Our aim for this documentation is to educate you about the PEcAn software, the possibilities of its usage, and the standards,expectations, and core workflows for developers.

This book is organized four main topics:

Introduction - Brief explanation of PEcAn, how to obtain the PEcAn VM, and explanation of basic web interface functions.

Tutorials/Demos/Workflows - All User and Developer tutorials/demos/workflows to explain how to use and add to PEcAn in different ways.

Topical Pages - Explanation of main PEcAn components and how they fit together.

Appendix - External documentation and sources of information and a FAQ section.