16.1 Introduction

Welcome to the PEcAn Project API Documentation.

The Predictive Ecosystem Analyser (PEcAn) Project is an open source framework initiated to meet the demands for more accessible, transparent & repeatable modeling of ecosystems. PEcAn can be considered as an ecoinformatics toolbox combined with a set of workflows that wrap around ecosystem models that allow users to effectively perform data synthesis, propagation of uncertainty through a model & ecological predictions in an integrated fashion using a diverse repository of data & models.

Our API allows users to remotely interact with the PEcAn servers and leverage the functionalities provided by the PEcAn Project. It has been designed to follow common RESTful API conventions. Most operations are performed using the HTTP methods: GET (retrieve) & POST (create).

Please note that the PEcAn Project API is currently under active development and is possible that any information in this document is subject to change.