2 Main Topics

This book is organized around these main topics:

Basic User Guide - Explains a simple setup of PEcAn and how to execute a basic run

Advanced User Guide- Web - Explains the advanced features offered on our web interface

Advanced User Guide - Cmd Line - Explains more advanced customization of PEcAn that can be run from the command line.

User Appendix - Supplementary materials for the user section.

PEcAn Workflow - High Level explanation of the PEcAn workflow.

Development Guide - Explains what you need to know in order to contibute code to PEcAn.

Appendix - Supplementary materials for the developer section.

2.0.1 Using PEcAn

We have developed a number of demos and vignettes to guide your use of PEcAn’s many capabilities:

Type Title Web Link Source Rmd
Demo Basic Run html Rmd
Demo Uncertainty Analysis html Rmd
Demo Output Analysis html Rmd
Demo MCMC html Rmd
Demo Parameter Assimilation html Rmd
Demo State Assimilation html Rmd
Demo Sensitivity html Rmd
Vignette Allometries html Rmd
Vignette MCMC html Rmd
Vignette Meteorological Data html Rmd
Vignette Meta-Analysis html Rmd
Vignette Photosynthetic Response Curves html Rmd
Vignette Priors html Rmd
Vignette Leaf Spectra:PROSPECT inversion html Rmd