PEcAn module corresponding author
Shawn Serbin
Environmental and Climate Sciences Department
Brookhaven National Laboratory

MAAT model description and technical article:
MAAT model author: Anthony Walker (

MAAT Installation and usage

MAAT model source:
Follow the instructions found here:

MAAT module installation

R dependencies: PEcAn packages - PEcAn.logger, PEcAn.remote, PEcAn.settings, PEcAn.utils. Additional dependencies: lubridate, ncdf4, udunits2, XML, and those within each package

–ncdf4 requires netCDF installed at the system level

Easiest way to install is via install_github from the devtools package.

install_github("PecanProject/pecan", ref = "develop", subdir="base/logger")
install_github("PecanProject/pecan", ref = "develop", subdir="base/remote")
install_github("PecanProject/pecan", ref = "develop", subdir="base/settings")
install_github("PecanProject/pecan", ref = "develop", subdir="base/utils")
install_github("PecanProject/pecan", ref = "develop", subdir="models/maat")

If you want a specific branch, do install_github(..., ref="<branch>").

From there, you should be able to load the package in your typical R session.

MAAT-PEcAn run examples

See vignettes