1) Download JULES source code https://jules.jchmr.org/software-and-documentation/previous-releases/jules-v4.2

2) Download FCM

wget https://github.com/metomi/fcm/archive/2015.05.0.tar.gz
tar -xvzf 2015.05.0.tar.gz

3) Configure netCDF

cd jules-vn4.2/etc/fcm-make/
vi make.cfg

modify the following settings and save

# NetCDF settings
$JULES_NETCDF{?} = actual

4) Compile

cd ../..
../fcm-2015.05.0/bin/fcm make -f etc/fcm-make/make.cfg --new

5) Run test example

cd examples/point_loobos

6) Add local executable to BETY database

  • Create new File record for the relevant machine with File name = jules.exe and File path = /path/to/jules/build/bin
  • Got to Model and search for the version of JULES you are running (currently 4.2)
  • Edit Record > View Related Files and search for the File record you just created in order to link the new model executable to the existing Model record
  • Go to PEcAn web interface to verify correct JULES version shows up in pull down menu