Google Season of Docs (GSoD)

What is GSoD?
For the first time Google will sponsor sponsor a global program that pairs technical writers with open source software development projects. For three months over the summer writers will work with and contribute documentation efforts of real world, open software projects. Overall, GSoD is deisgned to give technical writers a leg up in the software develop world and also help open source projects develop professional quality documentation.

PEcAn documentation has a variety of topics covered in our Documentation and would love to have a technical writer's perspective!

Project Ideas

Survey and Reorganization
PEcAn Documentation has been organized by advanced users over time. This has not benefited new users who have struggled sometimes to find out what to do. This project will involve surveying new users, best practices, and current users to improve upon the current structure of the project. (Long Project)
Beginner Documentation and tutorials
Often, introducing PEcAn to new parties can be difficult and requires hands on attention. To reduce the required effort, this project will involve updating our current beginner tutorials with new media (videos) if needed to allow new users to get up to speed without another person needed. (Short Project)
Summarize PEcAn
What is PEcAn? How does it exist? How does it work? What can it do? Create a series of documents outlining answers to these questions. (Short Project)
In Depth Use Case
Scientists have their own model and/or data. Write in-depth instructions on the steps needed to ingest their data, connect their model, runs simulations, and execute different analyses. (Long Project)