Google Summer of Code (GSoC)

What is GSoC?
For over 10 years Google has sponsored a global program that pairs students with open source software development projects. For three months over the summer students receive real world experience contributing to software development and guidance from mentors. On the other hand, participating organizations are able to bring in new developers to grow their code base. Overall, GSoC helps open source communities grow and thrive. Thousands of student and organization from around the world have participated and now you can too!

Project Ideas

Ecosystem science has many components, so does PEcAn! Some Project ideas can be found here on our project ideas list.


How to apply?

There are Two Parts to the application process:
First, follow the PEcAn specific application steps:

1. Choose a project from our project ideas list or come up with your own.

2. Fill out PEcAn GSoC application form. The form is self-explanatory.

* Please fill out the form in a timely manner so that we can review it sooner and give you feedback. *

3. Send an email/message to your project-specific mentors indicating that you have completed the form, attach your resume or CV.

Second, write and submit your GSoC proposal:

1. With guidance from your mentors, write your proposal.

2. Start coding! Go on our Slack channels and github repository and start coding!

Tips for your proposal
Our project ideas list and your exchange with the mentors should give an idea what we had in mind, but a good GSOC proposal is one that makes the project yours. Feel free to propose something we didn't think of! Although we hope your proposal incorporates items from our wish-lists, it need not implement everything. We expect that many of the tasks will require care and thought to do correctly, and we'd rather you finish the summer with a few features working well than with many roughed out. A successful proposal will tell us:


  See also Google's proposal guidelines