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PEcAn Terrestial Model Informatics Workshop 2016

Tony Gardella

Tony Gardella

Ex Project Manager @PEcAn Project


The PEcAn 2 Terrestrial Model Informatics Workshop took place from May 9th-11th 2016 at Boston University.

The big picture of this workshop was to discuss how new and emerging tools and technologies can accelerate the pace of progress in ecosystem and land surface modeling and allow us to better respond to the needs of the community, policy makers, and the general public. This workshop specifically targeted the modeling community.

The goals of the meeting were to:

  • Identify informatic, analysis, and cyberinfrastructure bottlenecks in the current workflows of the terrestrial ecosystem/land surface modeling community
  • Identify redundancies and opportunities for interoperability of tools/methods
  • Develop a roadmap for improving modeling cyberinfrastructure
  • Provide training in PEcAn tools
  • Present and solicit feedback on PEcAn development plan
  • Identify bottlenecks in PEcAn usability/adoption

The full agenda of the workshop can be found here: link

The workshop will produce a paper outlining cyberinfrastructure bottelnecks, opportunities, and a roadmap. An updated PEcAn workplan will be produces as well.

To facilitate discussion, themes and subthemes were created to focus discussion (links lead to slides for each theme):

Big Picture

Cyber-infrastructure Foundations

Provenance, Standards, Repeatability, Accessibility, Sharing & Communication, Transparency, Support for clusters, cloud, etc., Portability

Data Ingest

Drivers, Constraints, Initial Conditions, Traits, Data uncertainty

Validation, Benchmarking & Visualization


Model sensitivity, uncertainty, ensemble,etc.

Tools for analyzing specific data types


Trait meta-analysis, parameter data assimilation

State Data Assimilation

Multi-model Synthesis

Adding Models

Growing the PEcAn community

Challenges with running multiple models, tools for MIPs

Thank you to everyone that attended. The PEcAn Team looks forward to working with you all!#